CEO Marketer’s Forum, a 50-yr Anniversary Event

By July 18, 2018Events, Local Events

From merely placing advertising creative to now having a seat on the executive table, modern marketers must keep pace with social media, customer data, advertising trends, influencer marketing, as well as creating the four P’s in a way that conveys effective brand voice. Join our executive panel discussion ranging from what CEOs want from marketers, and how marketing executives are communicating the value of the marketing mix.

Speaker Panel, moderated by Scot Crocker

  • Barry Broome, CEO of Greater Sacramento Economic Council
  • Wendy Hauteman, Sr. Vice President of Marketing, VSP Global
  • Chris Johnson, Founder and CEO of Rapid Brands
  • Beth Mills, Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing, California Bankers Association
  • Mike Testa, President and CEO of Visit Sacramento
  • H. Rao Unnava, Dean of the UC Davis Graduate School of Management

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