AMASV – American Marketing Association Sacramento Valley


Marketing Automation: Optimize your marketing for results. An AMASV Luncheon.

Marketing automation tools are appearing faster than Kanye pop-up stores. And what’s not to like about automating your sales process, providing prospects with the right information at the right time, using tools that measure campaign effectiveness and ultimately, and converting more prospects to buyers?

On Wednesday, September 28, we’ll bring together an experienced panel of Sacramento area professionals who know their marketing automation stuff, including communications consultants Ann Bouchard and Jamee Villa, Jeffrey Linton from Act-On Software and global marketing and business development leader Vish Deshmane. You’ll learn about how tools like Marketo, Act-On and Hubspot can deliver value. And you’ll find out how to avoid disasters and learn about where the technology is headed. As always, we’ll hear from our smart attendees: Local marketing professionals who are in the trenches everyday. A.K.A., people your career wants you to get to know.

Register now for this luncheon on 9/28 at UC Davis Extension in room 303 of the Sutter Square Galleria (2901 K St, Sacramento, CA 95816). Don’t miss hearing about the latest wave in marketing.

More on the speakers

Consultant Perspective

Ann Bouchard (3rd in photo) is President of Bouchard Communications Group and the founder of Matrix Manager. She has spent many years helping clients in the area of Marketing Automation and her firm is unique in their offering of coordinated digital and direct mail campaigns.

Jamee Villa (1st in photo) works with local organizations, primarily using HootSuite, to coordinate and automate their marketing campaigns. She is currently working with the California State Retirees on a major program to automate their customer communications and campaigns.

Vendor Perspective

Jeffrey Linton (4th in photo) is a Corporate Business Advisor at Act-On Software and has been a long-time marketer in the automation space. He was an early employee at Act-On, which is a major provider of marketing automation technology headquartered in Roseville.

Marketing Corporate User Perspective

Vish Deshmane (2nd in photo) served as Global Marketing Manager for Intel’s Software Developer Programs. Vish spent two years implementing Eloqua to foster and automate Intel’s communications with their developer community.

Register now.

Thank you to AMASV’s sponsors: UC Davis Extension and Blanket Marketing Group.




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