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By March 30, 2018Blog

The combined wisdom of local marketing professionals Kachet Jackson-Henderson, Karen Lewis and Faith Lopez provided valuable insights on how to best use social media. The March AMASV luncheon, held in the riverside Westin Sacramento, showed how each of these experts make decisions to advance their clients or employer, manage their social postings, and prioritize “content verticals” (as Kachet calls social channels).

Here’s a sampling of the various tips:

  • Even though everyone is on social, as a marketer you will always see opportunities that amateurs can’t [Karen].
  • Especially with paid posts, prioritize the Call to Action and integrate the messaging across channels. If you aren’t clear with what you want, you’ll be wasting resources as your audience scrolls past [Faith].
  • GRAB YOUR HANDLES. Even if you don’t plan on using a particular social channel, make sure you own your business name on those channels, so someone doesn’t misrepresent your brand [Kachet].
  • Select your channels based on what value you deliver. Authenticity delivers engagement, so find the channels where you can be genuine and people want to engage with you [Karen].
  • Your STORY drives your CONTENT, which propels your CONSISTENCY. [Faith]
  • Be consistent. People will get accustomed to seeing your posts at certain times on certain channels and that will become the foundation of your relationship [Kachet].
  • Audit for performance. What type of posts are doing well? What days or times are people engaging with your posts? Your successes? Do more of that [Faith/Kachet].
  • Exploring content themes will create deeper engagement and also give you ideas for what to post. Examine every angle of your business and build content to portray it all [Kachet and Faith].
  • Use free or freemium tools to learn, but consider investing in paid tools. Free tools give you a taste of different features and possibilities, but paid tools allow you to be effective across multiple social channels [All].
    Twitter, Facebook Business and Google Business all have excellent native analytics.
  • Some recommended products: Simply Measured [Kachet] and Sprout Social [Karen] — not free but good for aggregation. Trello good for visual management of posts [Kachet and Faith]. Planoly useful for Instagram management [Kachet]. Iconosquare for Instagram and Facebook and Monday for big picture [Faith]. Excel is the reporting workhorse—it’s not pretty, but people feel comfortable in it [Kachet].

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