Recruitment Success Through AMASV Connections.

By August 9, 2017Blog
Recruitment Success Story

As the leader of a fast growing Sacramento Digital Marketing Agency, I recently found myself recruiting for quality employees to join our team at Capitol Tech Solutions. I was facing the daunting process of posting job openings, combing through resumes, interviewing and (hopefully) hiring new employees. However, through connections developed at AMASV events with Sacramento State Marketing Professionals, I was able to quickly find two fantastic hires. By connecting with fellow Marketing Professionals at the AMASV chapter, we continue to grow our business as a leader in the Sacramento Region.

The Struggles of Recruiting

Like any small business, finding and recruiting quality employees is critical to our growing agency. The reality is hiring the wrong employee can set a company back months while finding a perfect fit can propel a business into the future.

Unfortunately, we recently experienced a poor fit with a hire, which led to lost projects and having to explain to clients about the turnover. Not only did we lose valuable time and money training a lost employee, the real impact has been the damage in client relationships that may take years to repair. In business, it is easier to keep clients than it is to find new ones, yet experiencing a failed employee relationship can severely damage this process. Needless to say, hiring the right professional is critical to the success of a small business.

Benefits of AMA Connections

My original intent of joining the AMA was to gain knowledge and insight from the marketing expertise the local businesses professionals provided. While the marketing events and presentations have certainly proven valuable for the knowledge I gained, the larger benefit has been the networking opportunities that I have experienced.

I was struggling to find the right avenue to find and potentially interview the best and brightest prospects our local universities have to offer. However, the connections that I have made through the AMA to both Sacramento State and UC Davis professors and alumni have proven invaluable in this process.

Through introductions made at an AMA luncheon, I was given the opportunity to guest lecture at a graduate level marketing class at Sacramento State, taught by Joe Black. This opportunity opened the door to network with the students that will become the future marketing professionals. Additionally, I was also able to make a connection with a professor who has been a source of instant feedback in determining perceived fits for my agency.

Following my guest lecture, I was able to connect with another professor and AMA member, Dr. Brian Baldus, who has become a key resource for getting recommendations of recent graduates who potentially fit the exact needs that we are searching for. His first two recommendations were former students that showed the hard work and passion for the marketing field. Both candidates sailed through the interview process, proving to be head and shoulders above the competition. I am excited to report that they both are now part of our growing Digital Marketing team and have proven to be an excellent fit to our company’s culture and mission.

For me, having the direct connections to the local universities immensely helped with my hiring process. I feel that my AMA membership is invaluable, and will continue to leverage the talent of the local colleges to push our agency and the Sacramento Region forward on the marketing landscape.

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