Black History Month Spotlight: An Interview with Pleshette Robertson, CEO/Founder of and THE HUB Magazine

By February 17, 2021Blog

Profile photo of Pleshette RobertsonIn our ongoing celebration of Black History month, AMASV’s Camille Saussotte sat down with Pleshette Robertson, CEO/Founder of and Chief Editor of THE HUB Magazine to discuss her organization, entrepreneurship and marketing, and her advice for future marketers.

The Sac Cultural Hub Media Company serves as #1 grassroots multi-media organization in Northern California and is the most popular resource in the Black community for business networking, non-profit organizations, community resources, entertainment, places to go and people to meet.

AMASV: What was the genesis for Sac Cultural Hub and THE HUB Magazine?

PR: Twenty years ago, few outlets were interviewing or even photographing Black community members and leaders.  Entrepreneurship is second nature to me since I’m from a family of barbers/stylists/cosmetologists.  As a business person I recognized the opportunity to tell the many unmentioned stories about our community.  Everyone loves to see themselves in pictures and read and hear their own stories.  I began by attending major annual events, tradeshows in Sacramento and the Bay Area as an exhibitor as well connecting with local Black non-profit leaders through community meetings. The story-telling began with meeting a variety of people at major events, at the grocery story, in the hair salon, and at church.  In 2013 we assisted in forming the Sacramento African American Non-Profit Coalition, to increase donations to Black non-profit organizations.

AMASV: In March of this year, Sac Cultural Hub will celebrate 20 years of existence.  Congratulations!  What kind of marketing has been the most successful?

PR: From the beginning, event marketing has been the cornerstone of our success.  The Sacramento Black Expo, Juneteenth Festival, Black Family Day at UC Davis, and the Exceptional Women of Color Conference have been some of the  hallmark events and ways to connect, celebrate, and showcase our community.  Today our two signature events are the Exceptional Women of Color (EWOC) Conference and Black Physicians Forum under the auspices of the Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation (our nonprofit).  As 2020 presented its challenges, we managed to pivot with support of our loyal corporate sponsors and community partners to present our signature events via Zoom with some fantastic speakers in spite of COVID-19.

AMASV: Who are some of the Black community leaders who inspire you?

PR: The team I work with at Sac Cultural Hub Media is a phenomenal group of inspiring people.  I am so grateful for them and our organization wouldn’t exist without them.  Other inspiring community leaders are the Porter Brothers of Genesis Baptist Church; Jay King, President/CEO of the California Black Chamber of Commerce; Betty Williams, President of the Sacramento NAACP; William Lee, the late Founder of The Sacramento Observer; LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell; Zoritha Thompson, CEO of Goree and Thompson Real Estate; California Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber; and Regina Wilson, Executive Director of California Black Media.  These are all incredibly knowledgeable professionals who are stewards in our community.

AMASV: What advice do you have for new marketers as they pursue jobs and enter the workforce?

PR: Always be in learning mode, asking as many questions as you can, and listen closely.  Network thoroughly, whether it’s online, at church, at the salon, or at the library.  Challenge yourself: “Are you going to be in front of your business, or in the back?”  I stay in front of my business by directing it, and that means being consistent.  Maintain a personal website and promote it.  Be active on all of your social media channels.  Remain mindful of how you use social media and remember that what you post may be visible to future employers, investors, or potential donors/sponsors.  Your reputation is gold, so protect it and be conscientious with your digital footprint.

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