3 Business Questions Answered in 48 Hours Using DIY Research Tools

By October 14, 2017AMA Webinars, Events
As a marketer, you always have the time, the budget, and access to resources to complete your research studies, right? Of course not! Some of the most important and timely research needs are quick to appear and require lightning-fast turnaround. Working with a third-party research supplier to execute your project may seem ideal, but it may not be practical to meet deadlines when insights are needed immediately.
In the past, you may have made uncomfortable tradeoffs on quality or precision, or dropped a project altogether. Having access to professional-grade, self-serve research tools can be the solution because of the efficiency, speed, and 24/7 access they provide. This webinar will explore the use of SSI’s DIY research tools to execute three common quick-turn projects.

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