Member Only Webcast: How to Win the Digital Customer Experience

By November 7, 2017AMA Webinars, Events
Join us as we explore new research from the National Center for the Middle Market (an AMA partner) that reveals the progress companies have made in understanding how to digitize the customer experience. Get insight into where companies struggle the most and what distinguishes successful brands from everyone else.
By attending, you will:
  • See how digitization is transforming marketing and customer experience in both B2C and B2B companies
  • Understand where your peer companies are investing their CX digitization dollars, who is overseeing the process, what tools are most effective, and what obstacles they find most difficult to surmount
  • Learn the four distinct approaches to CX digitization: Non-Digital, Reactive, Advanced, and Strategic
  • Hear how companies in the Strategic group differ from the others, not just in what they do, but also in the results they obtain

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