The New Digital Imperative: Becoming Customer-Obsessed Through Data-Driven Experiences

By January 17, 2018AMA Webinars, Events
In a world where customers hyper-adopt (and hyper-abandon) brands at the drop of a hat, the key to success in 2018 is obsessing about your customer’s experience. What’s the catch? Digital business pros have too often pursued low hanging fruit, and avoided doing the heavy lifting in areas of cultural and organizational change, using data to drive business decisions, and capitalizing on digital, automated tools to deliver perceivable customer value and operational excellence. As these become more critical In 2018, missing the mark is risky, and can lead to a brand quickly being disrupted out of business.
In this webinar, guest speaker and Forrester Principal Analyst, Brendan Witcher, and [24] Senior Director of Product Marketing, Angela Sanfilippo, will explore how digital professionals in 2018 must work through these thorny fundamentals — while also actively tackling personalization, voice, artificial intelligence (AI), and new mandates for loyalty and fulfillment.
Key takeaways:
  • What are the foundational and structural pillars that are so crucial to digital marketing success in 2018?
  • What tech investments must digital business pros make today that will help them align with the needs and expectations of their specific customers?
  • What does success look like, and why marketers must take digital hallmarks like loyalty, personalization, and omnichannel to the next level?

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