Member Only Webcast: Strategic Thinking Is a Muscle. Work It or Lose It.

By January 17, 2018AMA Webinars, Events
Are you just starting a career in marketing and want to get a solid foundation on strategic thinking? Maybe you’re a seasoned veteran needing a jolt to re-awaken your strategic prowess?  Either way, this webinar will help sharpen your strategic skills for just about any challenge including product line, services, target markets and even organization-wide thinking. Participants will learn about the building blocks of creating strategy and resources for informing strategy. Marketers will also learn the integral role of creativity in strategy and how insights lead to strategic and creative thinking that eventually lead to better performing campaigns. The session will also include approaches for marketers to lead strategy development in their organizations.
  • Understand the steps to developing sound marketing strategy.
  • Understand that strategy requires critical thinking skills and cannot exist without creativity – and why.
  • Learn brainstorming approaches to conducting strategy sessions at work.

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