AMA Digital Marketing Bootcamp

By September 11, 2018AMA Webinars, Events
Marketers, you’ve taken your eyes off the prize. You’ve been optimizing to improve channel performance instead of focusing on creating relationships with your best prospects and customers for sustainable business growth. And now the ad industry is facing a reckoning: an entire ecosystem with no idea how consumers are affected by modern advertising practices. It turns out their feelings about things like personalization, and the kinds of brands they are ok with using their data for ad targeting are highly variable – but this dimension is all but ignored by brands, agencies, publishers and tech companies.
This webinar will explore what got us here, what consumers really think, and how we can get omnichannel advertising back on track as an engine of long-term business growth.
Key takeaways:
  • Why truly customer-obsessed advertising requires a reorientation of people, processes, and technology around your customer experience
  • Advice for tweaking your digital marketing practices so you delight and never disappoint
  • How enterprises can harness the right technology to drive customer-obsessed advertising at scale

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