Use Content to Drive a Successful Post-Sale Customer Experience

By April 2, 2018AMA Webinars, Events
Many companies focus their content strategy on the top of the funnel, and they fail to invest in the post-sale customer content strategy at the bottom of the funnel. But, according to a study by Walker, by the year 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Companies are just now starting to become aware of the need to invest in the customer experience to maintain loyalty through their customer base. Gartner predicts that by 2018, more than 50% of organizations will redirect their investments to customer experience innovations!

Key Takeaways:

  • Build a customer experience map which will drive your content strategy
  • Use your content strategy to support your upsell and renewal process
  • Incorporate customer feedback and survey data into your content strategy
  • Work with your customer success or customer service team to amp up your content strategy
  • Turn customers into advocates and referrals

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