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UC Davis Extension

UC Davis Extension, the continuing and professional education arm of UC Davis, is an internationally recognized leader in educational outreach for individuals, organizations and communities. For more than 50 years, UC Davis Extension has provided forward-thinking, career-focused courses for working professionals.

Last year, UC Davis Extension served students in all 50 states and more than 100 countries, presented over 3,000 courses and registered nearly 58,000 enrollments. Whether you want to accelerate your current career, shift to a new industry or simply pursue a personal interest, UC Davis Extension has the expert instructors, academic quality and innovative curriculum that meet your unique needs. See all we have to offer.

Blanket Marketing Group

Founded in 2005, Blanket Marketing Group is a full-service Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency devoted to helping businesses, organizations and communities thrive. Regardless of the size or niche, we will bring your vision and aspirations to fruition. Our specialties include social media, search engine optimization, managed pay-per click marketing campaigns, brand and image consulting, website development and IMAX / Cinema advertising. Our talented, creative team has our clients covered from every corner with a wide range of services. Visit our site.